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In 2007 Facebook introduced the Marketplace but during that time period no one used this feature because at that time people not prefer online marketing. Then again in 2016, Facebook introduced the new Marketplace (buy and sell). In the Fb Marketplace users are allowed to post classified ads within the category. There are different categories namely; sale, housing, and jobs. Before posting any ads users have to choose category so, that the post can be shared by the facebook as per the platform selected. This platform is very beneficial for the peoples who want to do business by sitting at home and want to make their products famous by sitting at the shop. Peoples can buy and sell products on new Marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace has recently introduced new features that’s why some people are facing problem in accessing the app and if you are also facing the same problem then first update your phone and then update your Facebook app. Now, lets read about the Benefits of Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace Benefits  

The individuals can easily use the mobile as it is mobile friendly.

Per List, you can upload 10 different photos.

Buyers can directly message the seller.

Allow the Speed Posting Process to support and building up your Business

Help in building up an affinity with the Local Community.

Provides the chance to communicate with Potential Customer.

Proffers Browsing Based on Past Activity.

Shows your products automatically in your local area.

Provides Simple Products posting on Marketplace.

Fb Marketplace allows you to reach billions of customers.

Facebook does not take money from the sale.

If you are facing a problem while accessing Fb Marketplace or you are facing a problem while uploading the product images then for resolving your issue you can call at our Facebook Marketplace Customer Service Number. We are 24/7 available to assist you.

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