Common Problems That You Face In Yahoo Mail


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Yahoo is one of the best email service provider and many peoples, organizations and firms prefer Yahoo for mailing purposes. Millions and Billions of people worldwide use Yahoo so it is so common that you will face few problems in Yahoo Mail. Some time due to internet issue, technical issue, and server issue Common Problems that You Face in Yahoo Mail are described below. If you are facing a major mailing problem in Yahoo and want to resolve it ASAP then you can avail our Yahoo Customer Service.

Problems that You Face In Yahoo Mail

Unable to Send Emails

Sometimes because of the server problem, you face problems while sending the email to other Yahoo users. Also, due to the slow internet mail sending problem occurs. You can settle down this problem by restarting your wifi or internet connection.

Not Able to Read Older Mails

This is a very common problem because most of the Yahoo Mail users face this issue. This query is also known by the name of Error45. Sometimes we do not consider few mails important and we simply not read that emails then afterward these types of mail become automatically unreadable. In this case, you need to switch to classic versions of Yahoo mail and then only you will be able to open it.

Not Able to Attach Attachments

This problem occurs when the internet does not work properly or when the file size is too big or sometimes due to a server error. You can resolve this issue by restarting your computer and internet. If in case you are unable to do so than feel free to avail our Yahoo Customer Service, we will help you in resolving your Yahoo Mail issues.

Yahoo Running Slow

You generally face this problem while receiving or sending the mails. Because of this problem sometimes your Yahoo account gets freeze and then you are unable to perform any activity on Yahoo Mail. Few people stated that restarting the browser can fix this bug.

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