How To Delete Facebook?


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According to the survey, Facebook users generally spend fifteen minutes on Facebook every day. Facebook is a very good option to stay connected with our near and dear ones. Some of us don’t like being socially active and so we don’t use facebook at all. For them you don’t spend time online and are introvert, facebook is not for them. In this hectic work-life people also get irritated and feel the need to delete their Facebook page. If you have a facebook account which you are not using it regularly and want to delete it somehow, then we can assist you in this. Follow the procedure How To Delete Facebook? Permanently.

Steps To Delete The Facebook Account

  • Go to
  • Enter your “user name” and “password” to log in
  • Click at the top right of your Facebook page
  • press settings and then click “account ownership and control”
  • Tap “deactivation and deletion”
  • Click the “delete account” button ( this will delete your account permanently and all your messages will also be deleted) and click “continue”
  • Tap “delete account”
  • Type your “password” and click “continue” ( to confirm this is your account)
  • Tap “Delete account” (you’re about to Delete Facebook account permanently so if you’re ready to delete confirm account)
  • You have deleted your Facebook account permanently.

The procedure is very simple and you can easily delete your Facebook account permanently. There is also a provision to deactivate your account which means you can be active in the future if you are not sure whether you want to delete your account permanently or for a short while. Note that once your account is deleted doesn’t mean you can recover it. You can do that for which you have to search online and follow the procedure accordingly.


We hope you liked our blog and do mention your feedback on the comment section below. The steps are very simple and you can easily perform them accordingly. We have written the steps in such a way that you won’t get stuck at any point. If it happens then we are here to get your query solved.

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