How To Forward Multiple Emails In Gmail?


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Gmail is one of the best free email services. By using Gmail you can send multiple emails, now you might be thinking that till now I haven’t seen this option on Gmail… Yuuppp you are right this multiple mail sending option is not directly present on the Gmail. Now the question arises that How To Forward Multiple Emails In Gmail? so your answer is here. In Gmail, you cannot directly send multiple emails but with the help of a “multiple forward for Gmail” extension, you can send multiple emails from the Gmail to the single or multiple individuals. If you want to send multiple emails in Gmail then just follow the steps provided below.

Steps For Forwarding Multiple Emails In Gmail

  • At first, open your search browser and then type Google extensions in the search box.
  • Thereafter click on the link which says Chrome Web Store.
  • On clicking the link web store will get open from there search for multiple forward for Gmail.
  • Then after that Add extension to the chrome by clicking on the Add chrome tab.
  • After that log in your Gmail account by entering the email id and password to Gmail sign-in page and then after that click on the sign button.
  • Thereafter Gmail homepage will get open. From there select the multiple mails by taping on the box.
  • For using multiple forward for Gmail extension you need to do sign then only you will able to use it. After sign in the account, you will be able to see a curved right-facing arrow icon on the Gmail options bar.
  • After selecting the multiple emails click on the curved right-facing arrow icon and then select the option as per your need.
  • Thereafter enter the email id of the person to whom you want to send emails.
  • Then after that click on the Send Mails Option.
  • On clicking the send option you select multiple emails on Gmails will be sent successfully.

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