How To Recover Facebook Account?


Hales      October 30, 2019      2739 Views

Nowadays individuals use soo many social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Outlook, Snapchat and many more that why it is quite difficult for the users to remember all account’s email addresses and passwords. If in case you also have forgotten your email address or password then there is no need to worry as there are many possible ways through which you can recover your lost account and even can recover your password. Facebook has provided the best and very easy method to recover Facebook account so, if you are facebook user and want to recover your account then just in 6 steps you can get back your account.

If in case you don’t know How To Recover Facebook Account then just simply follow the steps provided below. While recovering the Fb account do enter the correct asked details and do check whether your internet speed is coming good or not.

Steps To Recover Facebook Account

Open Browser – First open the search browser on your device and then in the search box type and after that just hit the enter button.

Facebook Login – On pressing the enter button Facebook login page will get open from there just click on the Forgotten account link.

Find Your Account – Thereafter, Find Your Facebook Account page will get open, on that page just enter your email address or phone number to search your account.

Receive Code – On entering the email address or password another page will get open from there you just need to select any one option.

If you will select Use my Google account then code will send to your Google account, choose Gmail address then the code will be sent via email on your Gmail and choose send an SMS option then you will receive a text message on registered mobile number.

Enter Code – On selecting the option verification code will be sent by the facebook on the select option. Thereafter just enter the verification code in the code box and then after that just click on the Continue button.

Recover Facebook Account – On clicking the Continue button your Facebook homepage will get open which means that your Facebook account has been successfully got recovered.

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