How To Recover Permanently Deleted Emails On Yahoo?


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As we all know that what is Yahoo and why we use it. So now we will talk about some amazing features of Yahoo that will help you in recovering your permanently deleted Yahoo mails… Don’t get shocked, you are reading correctly Yaa! you can recover the permanently deleted emails from Yahoo Help. Now if by chance you have deleted your Yahoo Emails permanently from the Trash then there is no need to worry as the Yahoo mails can be recovered easily. So, now you might be having a question that How To Recover Permanently Deleted Emails On Yahoo? so the answer to your question is here just follow the below-given steps and recover the emails. If you have placed the recovery request within 24 or after 24 hours of deleting the email then it can be easily recovered. But if the email has been deleted before so many days then it may not be recovered.

Steps For Recovering Permanently Deleted Emails On Yahoo

At first, log in your Yahoo account by providing email id and password on the Yahoo Sign page and then in the next new tab search for the Yahoo Help and then click on the relevant link.

Then from the Yahoo Help homepage click on the Mail option from the option bar.


Thereafter another page will open from there click on the Mail Restore option.


On clicking Mail Restore option, the page related to that will open, from there you need to click on the “Send a Restore Request” link.


Later, another page will open from there you need to answer the following question

  • Describe the problem
  • When did you last seen the message
  • Yahoo ID
  • Email id that you have access to

After answering the question just simply click on the Create Request tab.

On clicking the tab your request will get submit and after a short while, the Yahoo Help support will send you the recovered message on your Yahoo mail id.

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