How To Save Files In Google Drive From Gmail?


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Google Drive is the file storage service and it was developed by Google. In Google Drive you can store your important documents/files in form of pdf, image, word file, etc. Many people have a question that How To Save Files In Google Drive From Gmail, here is your answer to the question, read the below mentioned steps. If you are experiencing any problem while accessing your Gmail Account then feel free to avail our Gmail Customer Service.

How To Save Files In Google Drive From Gmail

First, open your Gmail account by entering the email id and password in the Gmail Sign in page.

Thereafter your Gmail will open from there search for the file which you want to save in Google drive.

Then select that file by clicking at the tick box.

After that tap on the Google Drive icon. Google Drive icon will be present your right-hand side just above the mailbox.

On clicking that you will able to see three options namely; Save each conversion into separate pdf,  Merge all conversation in one pdf, Save only attachments.

Select any one option as per your choice.

On clicking the select option your files will get saved in your Google derive.

How To Save Files From Computer to Google Drive?

At first, do Gmail sign and then click on the app option from there click on the Google drive option.

Thereafter your Google drive will open.

Then from there click on the New button after clicking that one dropdown will appear on your screen from there select File upload option.

Thereafter your computer files will open select the while which you want to upload on your Google Drive.

After that click on the Open button.

On clicking the open button your file will start uploading on the Google Drive.

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