How to Request Read Receipt In Gmail App?


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Gmail Read receipt are announcements notifying you that a recipient has opened your mail. When your leader enables the G Suite Read receipts option then he/she has the permission to track the mail that whether it has been opened or read by the user or not. If in case you are facing the problems while requesting the Gmail Read Receipt feature then just follow the directions explained below.

Steps To Request a Gmail Read Receipt On Gmail App

If the admin has enabled the option of the “request a read receipt” then the only user can request a read receipt. If you don’t know how to request a Gmail read receipt then just simply follow each step given below.

Step 1

At first, open the Gmail account by entering the email address and password on the Gmail sign in page.

Then after that visit, the Gmail homepage from there tap the “Compose” option. The compose alternative will be available on the left option bar.

Step 2

To compose the new email enter the email address, Subject and write an email in the compose body. Enter all the following things in the appropriate compose section.

Step 3

Thereafter tap the “More” alternative (three vertical dots represents the more icon and this is usually available on the right bottom of the Compose panel) and then after that choose the “Request read receipt” alternative available on the list.

Step 4

At last, add the email signature and then after that tap the “Send” option. On clicking the send option your email will get delivered to the mentioned email id. When the recipient will receive and open your email then one notification will get open on your screen from there simply tap the “yes” alternative. On the notification time and other details of the email will be mentioned.


The steps provided on the blog will only help you in requesting the Gmail Read Receipt. If in case you are having any sort of doubt then just drop an email in the comment section box. To follow each step provided in the blog as this will for sure help you in completing the task.

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