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Grow your e-commerce business via the Facebook marketplace

Facebook has updated its features to give you more reliable features to grow your daily life information. It can say Facebook has all the features to make your days more informational than ever. You can get all the information of your Facebook feeds like you are from India still, you can get what is going on in the world. Also, you can make a relevant connection with your overseas friends, clients, and colleague. If we talk about Facebook Marketplace feature, then anyone can grow their e-commerce business on Facebook. Also, we can buy and sell anything over FB. If you also, want to grow your business via Facebook, then you have to get complete information from the support executives of FB. they are well-educated and quite experienced about Facebook features.

Facebook marketplace is not working?

If your Facebook Marketplace is not working, then you can perform some essentials steps.

  • First, you should visit the FB marketplace from the link. When you click over the link, and it doesn’t work. That means Fb marketplace is not available. Then you have to click on “Why can not I access Marketplace”.
  • When your link still working, but you got some instruction on your screen “access was remove”, that time you need to click on “My access to Marketplace was removed” option.
  • When your link is working, but you are not able to see the shortcut in the FB app, then you should try some more option. E.g Open the FB app. Then click on the next icon. Also, you need to again click on see more option.

How to get the Facebook marketplace on Facebook app?

If you want to know How to get the Facebook Marketplace on Facebook. Then you need to apply some essential steps. Also, you can take aid from the FB advisors.


  • First thing you need to to do, you have to enter the marketplace. While you are signed in to FB, then you will get the shop icon in the app. Tap on the icon to proceed.
  • Now, you should add the picture. You will get permission from the FB to add the photo which product you are selling on Facebook. Fb will not charge to add the several pictures of your item for listing. You should add a clear picture, and give complete information about your product.
  • Now you have to add the tile of your product. You should not add the long tile of your product. Also, your tile easily states what you are selling. You need to make your title limit under 100 character.
  • Add the description of your product. You need to give appropriate information about your product. FB will also, recommends, size, condition, color, and more.
  • Add the price of your product. The price option will display in your local currency. If you want, then you can edit this option after some time.
  • After that, you need to add the location & category. When FB has all the details of your product, then it will select the location for the advertisement & a category.
  • Now click on the complete option.

How to sell on Facebook?

If you want to get information about selling on Facebook, then you need to get more information from the support team of executives. In addition, you can perform some important steps.

If you want to sell or buy the product on Facebook, then you should join any group because you can sell any product in groups. Then you have to click on the selling feature turn on under the group.

For selling something in FB buy & sell group:

  • From your facebook new fees, tap on the group in the left menu & you need to choose sell and buy a group you are willing to sell something.
  • After that, you need to click “what you are selling” option.
  • Now, you should enter all the details correctly like what you are seeling & tap on the next.
  • Now, you have to select your audience according to your product. To help more customers view the product.
    1. You have to post your product in another sell or buy group. Then you need to choose the circle just next to the name of your group for adding and remove the option.
    2. For your product, you need to create the marketplace. Just next to the marketplace for adding and remove the option. You have to ensure that you are posting as a page. And you do not want to see more option for creating the listing on marketplace.
  • At last, you have to click on the Post.

How to manage the Group Post?

If you want to know how you can edit and delete the group post, and mark the post as sold. You should always delete the buy and sell post from each group. When you are creating the marketplace list for your product, that time you have to separately edit the marketplace listing.

Important note- Note: It is not allowed to buy or sell groups that violate intellectual property rights such as animals, weapons, drugs, imitations and other things, or are not allowed on the Facebook marketplace.

Here you will get more important information about Facebook Marketplace. For example- how to get marketplace, and what you need to do if the Facebook marketplace is not working.


Facebook is social media, which is used for personal and business purposes. You have to create an account on it to use its all features as well as to use marketplace account. You can easily buy and sell on marketplace by using a business page. There are several questions that are encountered by users including cost to sell on marketplace, marketplace free to sell, sell my stuff, etc. If you are also fronting the same issue, then you can get appropriate results by choosing get to marketplace option. You can use its app on your smartphone to make it handier to increase your business. Some questions encountered by users like install marketplace on my iphone, get unlocked from marketplace, headquarters, etc. If you are also getting these issues, then speak to live person.

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10.  Can i speak to Facebook live person?

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